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Robin Jones

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

When a child is born into poverty, they have little control over education, finances, and quality of life.  In many cases children learn from the parents/caregivers in their lives.  In the black and brown communities, research shows that if you are born into poverty, the odds are that you will live your life in similar circumstances.  History shows us that the African American economic setback goes all the way back to slavery and are still ongoing.

Growing up in a predominantly black and brown community, Robin experienced the lack of financial education offered to the people in these communities both as a child and as an adult.  Even with a college education, she was never taught how to secure a financial future and had to learn through trial and error how to maneuver through the minefield of building wealth.

Robin is passionate about giving everyone choices and resources to meet their financial goals where wide economic divisions based on wealth exist, so she founded the DFG Project to help provide the basic wealth-building strategies needed to close the apparent wealth gap.

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